Selected sculpture 

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Veiston pyöreä aika, kaiken lineaarisena näyttäytyvän keskellä (2022-2023)

Granite, marble, playdough, concrete blocks, pine, copper.

(Paintings on the gallery walls by Timo Andersson)

Photos: Milla Talassalo

Bite to Enter, Lick to Vanish (2023)

Red sandstone combined with hand washed lambswool.

Other works in the room by: Frank Brümmel (stone carvings on top of the chairs), Isto Rahkola (on the wall) and Cameron Awkward-Rich (text work, pile or papers on the floor) 

Photos: Mariliis Rebane

In the Old World I Wanted Other Things as Well (2020)

Installation including sculptural elements and text.
Marble, sand, tiles, fabrics, steel, salt, plywood, beeswax.

Point Nemo (2018) 

Recycled Finnish plywood, recycled tiles, sand, projected video with sound.

Text reader: Ina Forsman
Text: Iisa Lepistö
Sound Designer: Veli Byström
Sound recording and editing: Atte Kantonen

Photos: Petri Summanen

2 x 2 (2016)

Finnish plywood, recycled tiles, recycled plexiglass. 

Photos: Adelina Korkala